Flex Plan

How It Works

Pick Your Matches
Choose which matches and how many tickets you would like.
Pick Your Benefits
Select from FREE benefit options.
Pick Your Seats
Choose whether you want to sit in the lower or upper bowl.

NYCFC Pick Your Plan FAQs

Ticket Details

No, pick your plan tickets are not eligible for resale

You will receive instructions from an NYCFC representative on how to access your tickets through the NYCFC Account Manager.

Your dedicated NYCFC representative will coordinate with you to ensure you receive all of your benefits and schedule any, as necessary.

If you choose more than 6 games as part of your ‘Pick Your Plan’, you will be eligible to select Ticket Exchange as a benefit which allows you to trade out and exchange one of your games. All other plans will not be eligible to exchange or trade any of their preselected games.

Looking For A Full Season?

Looking to attend a full season of NYCFC games?